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Custom Logo Cotton Woven Jacquard Sports Gym Fitness Towel

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Cotton jacquard gym towels are a stylish and functional option for gym-goers who want a towel that is absorbent, soft, durable, and easy to care for.

We can custom your own logo on the towel, double side logo, opposite color.

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  1. Jacquard design: Cotton jacquard gym towels are woven using a special weaving technique that creates intricate designs on the towel’s surface. The jacquard design adds a touch of elegance and style to the towel.
  2. High absorbency: Cotton jacquard gym towels are made of 100% cotton material, which makes them highly absorbent. The towel can quickly absorb sweat and moisture from your skin during a workout, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.
  3. Soft and comfortable: Cotton jacquard gym towels are naturally soft and comfortable, making them pleasant to use on your skin. The towel’s softness ensures that it doesn’t scratch or irritate your skin, even when used repeatedly.
  4. Durable: Cotton jacquard gym towels are made of high-quality cotton material that is strong and durable. The towel can withstand frequent washing and use, making it a long-lasting choice for gym-goers.
  5. Easy to care for: Cotton jacquard gym towels are easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried. The towel’s durability ensures that it maintains its shape, texture, and color, even after multiple washes.