6 tips that you need to know for the gym towels

gym towel

1: Towel Material

As we all know, when we choose a good towel, the first thing that we must consider is the material, in the market, there are many different materials for towels, such as 100%cotton, poly-cotton, microfiber, bamboo, etc. but according to relevant research, the pure cotton is the best choice for people, cotton fiber is pretty nature than others, soft texture, skin-friendly, highly absorbent.

2: Appropriate Size

Generally speaking, the gym towel size would not be very big, just it can be put on your neck very easy then ok, such as 34x80cm, 35x75cm, 40x110cm, 50x100cm, etc, these are the regular sizes that you can choose, these towels are being used for many different sports items, like the Running Yoga, Mechanical movements.

printed sports towel

3: Appropriate Weight

When we buy a towel, we need to consider the towel thickness, the higher, the better absorbent, there are some regular weights we can choose from, like 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm, 450gsm, 500gsm, the biggest weight thickness that the current production line can make is 600-700gsm, if you want to custom your own logo on the towel, not the thickness, the best, sometimes, the weight is too high, the towel would be a little hard hand feeling, the best weight is around 400-500gsm.

Jacquard sports towel
4: Absorbency Power

Actually, the absorbency functions depend on the density of the towel terry or thread, the high thickness will absorb moisture than the towels with lower density and thickness, people mostly would love to choose the thicker soft towels, on the other hand, the different materials towels have various absorbency, cotton material would be better than microfiber, bamboo material would be better than cotton, but because bamboo towels are seldom for using, and it’s not easy to make the custom design or logo on the towel directly, this material is not a very common choice for most of the people.

5: Durability and Care

Gym Towels should be washed often after you use them every time to prevent bacteria and germs, you need to choose a durable towel and guarantee the towels can hold up multiple washes, meanwhile, you have to consider the towel care, they should be washed with soft detergent, refrain from using the harsh ones at a very high temperature. usually, there is a wash label on the towel, and you can wash them based on the wash care indication, when your towel becomes a little hard feeling after multiple washes, you can try to put some soda into the water and that would become softer than before, and remember don’t dry it under the very strong sun or overdry.

6: Towel Storage

All the towels that you used should be placed in a cabinet or a specific storage space away from moisture. you need to store the towels in a very dry and cool place. also prevent more people to handle your gym towels when not in use, this would avoid maintaining hygiene, and make sure the towels are clean and quality.

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