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Towels have been a must-have for a long time, and while they’re not going anywhere soon, the towel industry is always looking for ways to make their products better. In this blog post, we will explore the various methods ab-textile has implemented to enhance the quality of their towels, including the utilization of new materials and production technologies.

As a manufacturer of towels, we expect that our towels with high-quality fabric will provide exceptional cleanliness, enhance the guest experience, dry quickly, and have long-lasting durability while being easy to launder. When choosing a towel from our collections or categories, it is important to consider the weight, fabric type, and design as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Keep in mind that our towels are designed for industrial washing and can be used in any way you see fit!

ab-textile has been a leading manufacturer of towels for over 20 years, exporting our products to more than 20 countries worldwide. We offer a diverse range of towels suitable for various applications such as beach, bath, gym, and kitchen. Our lightweight and slim towels are an ideal choice for healthcare facilities, fitness centers, poolside areas, budget hotels and motels, among other uses. Additionally, the quick-drying nature of our towels saves time in the long run. Our Standard Room Towel class is widely used by numerous hotel brands while our Economy Towel class caters to economical hotel and motel businesses. For luxury establishments, we offer towels from our Luxury Towel category. The selection is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Spa and hammam towels offer several advantages compared to traditional terry cloth towels. Made of cotton, these towels dry quickly and can be used not only as beach towels but also as bath towels. Additionally, unlike regular towels, hammam towels can be used in a variety of ways.

Additionally, its lightweight nature further enhances its advantages. The delicate weave allows for an extremely thin and consequently very light towel, making it perfect for individuals with limited space in their baggage or bathing bag. However, to fully benefit from hammam towels, attention must be paid to their quality as not every Turkish hammam towel meets the requirements of a high-quality product.

Towels of superior quality are essential for a satisfying spa and hammam experience. Those who opt for higher-quality towels will undoubtedly appreciate the extended comfort and enjoyment they provide compared to regular towels. The tradition of weaving hammam towels dates back thousands of years, ensuring a time-honored level of craftsmanship.

Our towels are made of 100% cotton and intricately woven to ensure a comfortable fit. As a result, they are exceptionally soft, with the high-quality cotton becoming even softer after washing in hot water. They offer absorbency comparable to terry towels but dry much faster. In addition to providing top-quality towels, we are committed to environmental responsibility. Our primary customers are wholesalers and international hotels in Europe and the United States. Treat yourself to luxury and relaxation with our indulgent products.

Our luxurious spa and hammam towels are not only visually stunning with their vibrant colors and intricate designs, but they also offer a multitude of beneficial features. As you browse through our beautifully curated collection, allow yourself to be inspired!

Hotel Towels is well aware of the importance of providing guests with pristine towels in their hotel rooms. Clean and plush bath towels are an essential amenity for guests to enjoy after a refreshing shower during their stay.

When purchasing hotel towels, it is crucial to assess the thread used in the weaving process, the chemicals utilized during dyeing, and the edge stitching. The threads are either ring or open-end in construction, both made entirely of cotton. In addition to bath towels, we also offer hand, head, and foot towels for guests. Our luxurious bath towels provide a smooth and delightful sensation. Crafted from premium long-staple Turkish cotton, our top-quality hotel towels are heavier, fluffier, and more absorbent than ever before.

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Inquire at ab-textile: Towel Manufacturers. Ab-textile is the leading producer in the industry of towels and other fabric items. We are the perfect choice for anyone looking to purchase towels, as we customize our products to meet your specific requirements. For further information, please contact our sales specialists at


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