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When you want to prepare a refreshing gift for your gym members, what do you think about for a gift? right, the answer is gym towel, a good gym towel can make a good impression for your gym service. how do you find a good gym towel? ab-textile will give you a very detailed guideline which can help you to find the perfect gym towels.

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First off, you have to check what kind of towel do you want to provide for your members? as we all know, when you get into the gym, there are some different areas for different customers, some are for the VIP, some for the common, doing a distinguish for different members sometimes can inspire the common members to join into the VIP, this could bring more profits for your gym, for example, when you consider a cotton gym towel, you will think about the thickness, size, yarn count, or logo options, for VIP, you can make the gym towel size bigger, thicker, and the logo, you can make it more golden, more obvious, like Golden VIP, and also increase more benefit text you want to express on the towel, when your members take this towel to any other place, it’s a very perfect running advertise for your gym, there is no need to spend more money from you to prompt your gym.

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Let’s talk how to find a good gym towel, prior to looking for a good gym towel, we have to choose a good towel manufacturer, who can be a good one? here is the reference point:

  • China Towel Manufacturer

Although we can find a lot of towel manufacturer from the market, no matter you search them from google, yahoo, or yandex, the basic point you should know is China Towel Manufacturer is the best. not only because the cheap price, but also the super quick and full supply chain in China local, regarding the delivery, China is the fastest, and after you buy the towels, the follow-up logistic perfect service can make you do a very easy business, just wait your towels at your office or your home, they provide the door to door service.

Ab-textile is a matured towel specialist which offer a range of designs and colour ways that are customisable with printing, embroidery, and jacquard. ab-textile is also a trusted towel manufacturer in China, we did not get any one negative feedback from our customers, when customers send inquiry to us and ask about the custom towels, we always can reply them very fast, we get the praise from the customers again and again.

When customers place order, the first thing we do is to send the technical sketch or mock up for them approval, also we will send yarns options for colour matching if required, bulk production will take place while we will keep them up to date with the status of towels production at all times, in other words, updating with customers regularly by emails, so customers always know what stage their project is at.

All our towels are QC checked during production.

  • Customized Towels Features

When it comes to the customized towels, there are many different options, cotton custom printed beach towel with logo, cotton custom jacquard beach towel with logo, cotton custom printed sports gym towel, cotton custom jacquard sports gym towel, cotton embroidery logo sports gym towel, microfiber custom printed beach towel, microfiber custom printed gym towel, microfiber embroidery logo gym towel, from those towels, we have to confirm which one is best for us, here is these towels features so it can help you to know which one you want to purchase:

1: Cotton custom printed beach towel with logo / cotton custom printed sports gym towel with logo

Advantage: High quality, soft, super absorbent, skin-friendly, breathable, can print many different designs or logos on the towel

Disadvantage: Expensive, need a careful maintenance otherwise it’s easy to have a bad smelling after multiple uses

2: Cotton custom jacquard beach towel with logo / cotton custom jacquard sports gym towel with logo

Advantage: Luxury, soft, highly water absorption, skin-friendly, double side logo, can woven your own logo

Disadvantage: High MOQ, need a careful maintenance, only can be 2-3 colors woven jacquard.

3: Microfiber custom printed beach towel / microfiber custom sports gym towel

Advantage: quick dry, lightweight, sand free, low MOQ, cheap

Disadvantage: lower water absorption


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