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As an influential towel manufacturer in China, we supply the best towels that can make you stop by us when looking for a good towel manufacturer, we work hard to guarantee every customer like Amazon Sellers, E-commercial sellers, wholesalers, distributors, brand manufacturers gets the trendiest towels from us.

First of all, let’s take a look at what towel we can produce:

1: Beach Towel

When we mention the best popular towel, the beach towel is the Number 1 that people all want to have because it’s helpful and cosey when people get a great vacation on the beach or surf on marine, dry body and lay on the beach comfortably, during the vacation seasons, you will see various patterns beach towels on the beach, girls love it very much because of their beautiful designs and fashion printing, that’s many brand owner wants to print their own designs on the beach and help them to prompt their brand, in our factory, beach towels always sell very well at June, July, August.

There are two main materials beach towels are very hot selling, one material is microfiber suede, this beach towel is a sand-free towel, and lightweight, generally it’s 150gsm or 200gsm, quick dry, the most important is they can be printed any design, and both sides can be printed custom designs, the minimum order quantity for a custom design is very low, it’s only 50pcs or 100pcs, for adult size or kids, both ok.

Another material is always cotton, this is a very traditional material and it’s classic, luxurious, highly absorbent, and soft. there are still many people do like this material to make their designed beach towels and sell them on the webshop or their store, retailers love the small customized order, generally, 100 starts to make, but we can support even 50pcs for cotton beach towels, print the single logo, full color design, no problem at all, we are the best.

Now, let’s introduce these two main materials of beach towels for you.

  • Microfiber Suede Custom Design Printed Beach Towel

1: Material composition

It’s made from 85% polyester and 15% polyamide lightweight fabric, it looks very flat, with no terry loop, just a flat fabric. because this material has many microfibers, it can dry very quickly.

Below is the microfiber suede beach towel photo:

microfiber suede beach towel
a microfiber suede towel

The most popular beach towels.

If you are a buyer who wants to buy the newest beach towel to sell or prompt your brand or business, a microfiber suede beach towel is a good option, 30pcs or 50pcs can be customized for your own design, 2 sides are both can be printed, no printing design limited, any design is available.

If you are a new starter, to choose a microfiber suede towel to start your business, it would be a very good deal.

Back to the towels specification, if you are a new buyer you want to buy towels from China, firstly you need to know if it is for adults or kids. As for adults, there are some popular sizes, for example, 70x140cm, 80x160cm, 90x170cm, and 100x180cm, etc. or you can customize your own width or length, but sometimes some factories can not do the width bigger than 100cm or 150cm, the hot selling for beach towel size is 70x140cm and 80x160cm. the smaller, the cheaper.

2: Towel Weight

About the towel thickness or weight, when the supplier asks you, you need to make a choice, frankly speaking, there are two main weights for choosing, one is 150, another one is 200, what’s the gsm, it’s the weight gram per square meter, it’s also called thickness of the towel if your budget is limited, 150gsm is enough to make, if not, 200gsm is better, actually, the 50 difference between them is not obvious.

Let’s talk about the packing, A packing bag, it’s a good place to print your logo, many factories can print it, but it’s on costed, if you want to make down the purchase cost, make a sticker on the opp bag is the best method at present, or many customers have started to use rolling wrap paper to pack their unit towel, like below:

bulk sand free lightweight quick drying suede beach towel

On the wrapping paper, you can print your own design or logo on it.

3: Fast delivery

When it comes to the towels buying, most of buyers still pay highly more attention to the delivery than others, buyer can not wait too long time especially it is for an event. and this suede towel is very appropriated for these buyers who have the target delivery.

  • Microfiber Waffle Custom Design Printed Beach Towel

1: Material composition

Waffle towel is made of 100%polyester, it’s heavy weight, quick dry, and sand free towel fabric, most of customers like that because it’s premium quality, double side printing available.

Below is the waffle towel picture:

waffle double side printed beach towel

The minimum order quantity is not high, 50pcs or 100pcs can be customized with your own design, up to now, this waffle towel selling is excellent, some customers will buy it for the picnic mat for kids and family time, some will use that for the blanket, it’s very multipurpose.

For this waffle towel, many buyers choose the large size, like 90x170cm, 150x150cm square size, or 100x180cm, 100x200cm, 150x200cm, this towel is so high cost-effective, can be picnic mat, blanket, beach towel, even the bed sheet.

2: Weight

The towel fabric for this waffle style is 390gsm or 400gsm, it’s much higher GSM than the suede, it’s so weighted feeling towel.

3: Delivery

It’s same fast as the suede one, the production time is only 20 days around. if you have a very urgent event or you have target delivery, choose this towel is perfect.

  • 100% Custom Design Printed Velour Beach Towel

1: Material composition

Velour beach towel is made of 100%cotton, this towel front is velour, it’s cut from the terry loop on one side, so that the printing mold can be printed easily on the towel surface, the color can be fully into the towel yarn, the best printing for this kind of towel is reactive printing, front is velour, back is white terry loop, the material water absorption is superior.

For standard cotton beach towel size, it’s 30×60″(76x152cm), 40×70″(101.6×177.8cm), or any customized size, can do it according to your requirement.

2: Printing Methods

There are two printing methods for the cotton beach towel, one is digital printing, another one is reactive printing, as for the digital printing, the minimum order quantity is only 50pcs, but for reactive printing, at least 300pcs, then factory can arrange it easily.

3: Weight

When it comes to the weight of the cotton beach towel, the lowest weight is 300gsm, then 350gsm, 400gsm, 450gsm, 500gsm, and 550gsm, as a professional beach towel manufacturer, we don’t suggest to use the highest weight to make the custom velour printed beach towel, because the color is very difficult to come into the yarn when the towel is very thick, and meanwhile, the hand feeling is very hard. the perfect weight is 400gsm, neither too thick nor too thin. if the weight is too high, the price would be high as well.

4: Delivery

As for the digital printing custom cotton beach towel, the delivery is faster than the reactive printing, it needs only 15 days around, even in 10 days factory can finish it. regarding the reactive printing, the quickest time is 30 days around at least, because their production way is complex than digital printing, but to be honest, the reactive printing color is more full than digital printing, the digital printing is just inject on the towel surface, sometimes, you can see the white inner when you pull the towel surface, but reactive printing is not, the color is deep into the yarn inner, color looking is very full.

Below is the cotton velour custom printed beach towel picture:

cotton velour printed beach towel with custom printing design
  • 100%cotton custom logo jacquard terry beach bath towel

1: Material

Jacquard beach towel is made of 100%cotton terry fabric, it’s very luxury style bath towel, it can be used for beach, spa, hotel, and bath.

The jacquard bath beach towel is popular now, many customers choose this towel because it looks more high grade, this towel can be weaved logo on both sides of the towel, front and back, if you want to prompt your own brand, this is a good choice.

2: Weight

Jacquard bath towel lowest weight is start from 400gsm, then 450gsm, 500gsm, 550gsm, 600gsm, even 650gsm, this towel is not like velour printing towel, you can use the highest gsm thick, and it looks much luxury, many hotel use the very thick towel like this jacquard.

3: MOQ

We can make the low qty with your own design, like 300pcs or 500pcs per design, you just provide the PDF or AI format design artwork to us, we will make the mock up for your confirmation, then we will weave the design on machine based on your artwork.

4: Delivery

Jacquard towel delivery is a little longer than other printed towels, it’s around 35-40days, because the process is more than others, jacquard towel need to dye the yarn at first, then weave it on machine.

100%cotton personalized jacquard beach towel woven bath towels photos like below:

cotton jacquard beach towel

If you are a professional buyer, you must know how to choose a good supplier, ab-textile has been in the towel filed for many years, we have very pragmatic spirit to do business with every customer, we hope customers are happy to choose us to be their reliable supplier.

Secondly, the other strong towel product we can do is gym towel

2: Gym Towel

If you want to choose a high quality gym towel for your brand, 100%cotton is always the first choice that you need to consider, because this towel is highly absorbent, but the time is progressing, there are many special material towels come out, like microfiber terry, suede, waffle, and nano,etc.

At present, the hot gym towel material is microfiber suede, this material is compact, quick dry, and feeling cool when you dry your body sweat. the important thing is this towel can be printed on double side, no design limited, it means you can print many different designs on it, for example, you can print your full photo on front side, and back side you can also print your photo or other full design, it’s perfect towel by now.

No matter the big bath beach towel or the small gym fitness towel, we always focus on the quality, but what kind of quality is the best, I think the best quality is: you can buy the one which is lower price and fit your requirement then it’s perfect and best quality towel. some customers especially the retailers will choose the cheap material to resell because they think the budget can be lower than cotton, that’s right, for a business man, the profit is forever thing that they must consider it.

microfiber quick dry sports gym towel

When you choose a gym towel, we have to consider the below 6 key points:

1: The material

In the market, there are some different materials for gym towel, for example, 100%cotton, cotton-poly, microfiber polyester, microfiber suede, and microfiber waffle.

2: The sizes

The most popular sizes for gym towel is 34x80cm, 40x110cm, 50x100cm, 60x120cm, even 70x140cm.

3: The weight

The gym towel weight is 150gsm, 200gsm for microfiber gym towel, suede material, 250gsm for microfiber polyester gym towel, or 280gsm, 300gsm, but the higher gsm, the higher price, for microfiber waffle golf towel, the weight is 390gsm or 400gsm, it’s very heavy weight fabric.

4: The MOQ

For microfiber gym towel, the MOQ is very competitive, there is only 100pcs for custom designs printing, single side printing or double side printing, both ok. for cotton gym towel, the digital printing is 100pcs, the reactive printing is 1000pcs.

5: The Packing

As for the packing, many buyers ignored this part, when you want to prompt your brand preferably, you can not forget the packing part, we can print your logo on the packing wrap paper or bag, even sometimes, we can print our own brand or logo on the outside of the master cartons.

6: The shipping

Currently, many suppliers can provide the door to door shipping, even the DDP shipping, including the local customs clearance or other related local service, this help buyers to save more time and just wait their goods arriving. for shipping, air door to door, sea door to door, train door to door, or international express shipping.

If you want to brand your own towels, you need to find a very reliable supplier to help you, and we are a very professional towels manufacturer, supplier, producer in china, we welcome you to send inquiry to us, don’t forget to contact us.


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