What is a microfiber suede towel?

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From the perspective of structure, microfiber suede is generally knitted structure and makes the napping processing, Visually, the fabric is very delicate, with good hand feeling, the same as the luxury plush glasses cloth.

suede towel
quick dry cooling suede towel for sports and gym

Microfiber suede t is a high-tech product in recent years, the composition is polyester + nylon, such as 80 polyester+20 nylon, or 85 polyester+20nylon.


1. Super absorbent and quick drying. Can quickly absorb 7-9 times the weight of water, wring will easily exclude 90% of the water, and will soon dry.

2. Easy to clean without fading color. It traps dirt between the fibers and is easy to clean. High color fastness, basically no fading color, much stronger than ordinary towels.

3. Antibacterial and anti-static, bacteria are not easy to breed, and will not produce static electricity.

4, Thin and portable. The towel made of microfiber suede generally weighs dozens of grams, which is easy to fold and roll and does not take up much space in the bag, also it is much more convenient than ordinary towels, and more suitable for fitness sports.

suede quick dry microfiber pool towel
microfiber suede towels

Microfiber suede additional details:


Extra absorbent.

An excellent choice for cleaning, wiping, and polishing all lenses, jewelry, silverware, chrome, and other metal surfaces.

Safe use on electronic equipment and other sensitive glass surfaces (Note: Due to the effectiveness of chamois cloth, ensure that your cloth is clean and free of contaminants during any prior use to avoid scratches).

Adopt the user’s preferred high-quality Chinese microfiber manufacturing.

Effective, environmentally friendly green cleaning solutions that remove dust and dirt without the use of chemicals.

Pretty durable – can withstand multiple washes.

suede towel with mesh bag
microfiber suede beach towel

Care instructions:

Machine washes with mild liquid detergent, dry at low temperature, and do not iron. Do not use any fabric softener, as this can clog the microfibers and reduce performance.

Do not use chlorine bleach.

Only can be mixed wash with other lint-free materials. (no cotton).

Clean to maintain proper vacuuming performance.

microfiber suede towels
microfiber suede towel

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