What is the difference between velour and terry towels?

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When you search this question on Google, there would have this kind of explanation: “Velour is made up of 100% cotton and has a fairly tight weave. Velour towels are quite soft and provide considerable comfort when lying on the beach or at the poolside.”

Is this meaning correct? this saying is not 100%wrong, but it’s not100%exact, let me introduce: what is the velour towel and what is the terry towel?

When the towel factory weaves the towel fabric ready from the towel yarn, you will see the towel front and back are all terry loop, this is the original terry towel, how could the towel surface become velour? towel factory will use the cutting terry machine to cut the terry loop on one side of the towel like a man had his head shaved, after the terry loop is cut, the surface looks very luxurious and smooth, we called it “velour” or “velvet”.

Normally, If you want to print a logo or design on a towel, a velour surface is very easy to be printed with full and bright colors, a terry surface can not get this kind of good printing effect. between the terry loop, there are lots of gaps which make the printing not full, that’s why in many printed towels one side is velour, and one side is terry. it can not only increase a touch of premium luxury but also make the printing perfect.

And this velour surface almost does not affect water absorption, because the absorbency of a towel is determined by its material, not its surface texture. we all know microfiber absorbent is a little weak than cotton, even if the microfiber loop is much longer than cotton, the absorbency is never as good as cotton.

Terry towel and velour towel

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