Which Towel is Better for Beach?

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Whether you are an end consumer buying individually for your own use, or an intermediate buyer wanting to promote your brand, if you want to choose the best towels for beach use then you need to browse this:

When choosing the beach towel you want, firstly you need to understand what is the main purpose for which you are buying this beach towel.

If it is the end consumer, then practicality, cheapness, absorbency, and the color you like are the key points that can determine whether the end consumer buys a beach towel or not. As a professional towel manufacturer, we recommend you buy a Turkish style flat weave beach towel, which is easy to carry, with classic colors, but also cheap and affordable, basically no more than $10 a piece and its material is basically pure cotton, very skin-friendly and very absorbent.

If you are a small to medium-sized buyer promoting a brand and you want to create your own high-end brand or a brand that doesn’t look popular, we suggest you choose cotton jacquard or cotton cut velvet, both of which can be customized with your own brand logo or pattern, and most importantly, both of which look very luxurious, have a very high-end feel and look, and are heavy enough to give the impression that they are of good quality. Whether it is the absorbency or the appearance is well worth choosing, many customers will choose this more high-end beach towel to distinguish it from the popular style, after all, everyone wants their choice to be premium, unlike others full of styles on the street. As a towel manufacturer, we will give the most suitable customized solution for different buyers’ purchasing needs to help our customers to promote their brand and enhance their business.

If you would like to customize your own logo, then don’t hesitate to join us! 


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