6 tips to help you find the best towel manufacturer in China

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When you are an online retail shop owner and you want to customize your own towels and sell them on your online shop, then the first thing you need to consider is how to cut into the towel suppliers’ resources, first of all, Google is the first thing we think of, this is the most direct, and also on social software such as linked In or YouTube, you can find these suppliers’ resources. So is there anything more direct than that? Yes, that is Alibaba. You can sign up for an Alibaba buyer’s account to make it easier for you to make inquiries later.

Ab-textile has 6 tips for you today to prevent you from meeting bad suppliers.

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  • Whether it is on Google or Alibaba, you must first look at your preferred supplier information, and background information, if there is very little information, then we should pay attention to the general towel factory may be on the verge of closure, this time you place orders to them, then there may be a risk of default, as far as possible to find some online company information can be found on the supplier.
  • With the supplier to confirm the price, do not choose the most expensive, nor the cheapest, choose the middle suitable, because the most expensive may not be your business profits. Still, also bad sales, if the most affordable, it is certainly not to choose, at least such prices correspond to the quality is certainly not good if you do not want your shop to receive a lot of bad reviews affect your future business, or avoid choosing such suppliers, each time If you don’t want your shop to receive a lot of bad reviews that will affect your future business, avoid choosing such suppliers and ask for at least 3 quotations per request, then select the most suitable one among the three.
  • No matter which supplier you finally choose, the person in charge of the factory you connect with needs to pass in your communication process first, he or she should at least be professional. This professionalism is reflected in the product experience, quotation, and attitude, good professional sales are able to play a decisive role in your business, there are many customers in the past some with poorer buying experiences encountered not responsible enough. Many customers have had poor buying experiences because they have faced sales that were not responsible or friendly enough, so at the beginning, you need to be able to check if the person you are dealing with is someone you can get along with.
  • Sample confirmation, this thing must be done, you must see the sample before placing an order, otherwise any problems, the supplier’s reason to refuse to bear, so whether they send the existing items or you choose to customize the sample need to confirm in advance.
  • Delivery tracking, about your delivery date, this issue must be very attentive to yourself, because the factory orders a lot, generally are who asked more urgent, than the first delivery of whose goods, but do not rush too tightly during the period, because too easy to rush to cause problems with the quality of goods, is that you have to grasp the pace, do not let the factory intentionally to delay your delivery date.
  • Transport issues, this needs to confirm with the supplier in advance who is responsible, if you have your own freight forwarding company that is responsible for transporting goods, then in the goods well in advance a week to the freight forwarding information to the supplier to facilitate their advance booking cabin or booking flights, if you do not want to use their own freight forwarding, then you can fully entrust the supplier is responsible for transport, they will find the local freight forwarder to arrange all, you need to confirm the mode of transport and costs.

The above six tips are the most important aspects of your choice of a good towel supplier, there is one did not think, then you will have a not very good purchasing experience, knowing in advance for your business is very helpful.


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