What is the difference between a gym towel and a normal towel?

gym towel

When you are planning to buy a batch of gym towels or if you want to buy your own, how do you choose such towels? Today I’ll help you sort out a few points that hopefully help you understand this towel.

gym towel

1: Size:

Fitness towels are available in several popular sizes to make it easier for gym goers to use when training and they are just the right size to hang around the neck or tie around the wrist to wipe off sweat when working out.

2: Softness

The fitness towel is soft, the feature of this towel is that it needs to keep wiping the body, because when exercising a lot of sweat, so a soft towel can make the skin feel very comfortable

gym towel with mesh bag

3: Absorbent

The material needs to be absorbent, this feature should be the most basic function of a fitness towel, a towel that is not absorbent or poorly absorbent will definitely make your experience very bad, everyone who has exercised wants to dry their body sweat quickly, not wet after wiping.

4: Quick drying

If a towel is not able to evaporate water quickly, then the sweat will be left on the towel will lead to an unpleasant smell, so the most suitable towel is the microfiber nano towel or suede towel their quick drying is unbeatable.

gym towel with box

5: Portability.

The more popular towels on the market are ultra-thin and portable, with hooks or a silicone case on the towel, so that when you leave for the gym you can put it in your backpack or take the case in your hand and go straight to it.

gym towel

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