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1. Material

When you are choosing a beach towel, a cotton Turkish-style beach towel is your must-have choice because of its thinness, high absorbency, and ease to carry these characteristics, people more and more like it, but this beach towel material will also be divided into many kinds, among them there are pure cotton, polyester cotton, organic cotton, and recycled cotton, so which one is the best choice?

We have investigated many times and found that customers prefer cotton.

this is a fouta towel
Image: Shaanxi Andybella

firstly because cotton material is more universal.

this is a turkish fouta towel
Image: Shaanxi Andybella

secondly, the price of cotton is more reasonable and real.

this is a turkishi towel
Image: Shaanxi Andybella

thirdly the absorbency of cotton is very good.

this is fouta towel
Image: Shaanxi Andybella

Other materials because of the addition of some concepts, so the cost will also be higher than cotton, like the recycled cotton that is now being hyped, in fact, the cost performance is really not as good as cotton, and recycled cotton is more costly for manufacturers to purchase. And need to spend extra to buy a certificate, organic cotton is also more expensive than cotton, but the use of the feeling and cotton is not different, polyester cotton is not as good as cotton absorbency, and the dying color on the polyester cotton is not an easy job for a manufacturer, on balance, or pure cotton is the best.

2. Pattern

If we have our own brand or want to develop our own business, we need to produce a very attractive logo or pattern, Turkish style beach towels can be customized in striped style, or you can print your own pattern, recyclable, or in photo form, all can be, but different kinds of patterns, the price will be different, generally speaking, the striped models of the most classic, but also the most basic style, if you have your own purchasing budget, then it is worth trying the classic stripes plus logo printing, so that the cost will not be very high, and can have good results.

this is a turkish fouta beach towel
Image: Shaanxi Andybella

If you want to purchase the high-quality Turkish Fouta beach towels, Shaanxi Andybella is a very faithful supplier in the towels filed, we have more than 20 years towels production line to guarantee every towels perfect in our customer’s hand, our aim is to make our customer’s business growing up better and better, no matter the quality or the price, we both provide the best for customers.


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