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custom beach towels

When you want to promote your brand or you want to start a small business with beach products, beach towels are an essential product you can’t avoid, because of the customizability of beach towels, more and more brands are focusing on developing different styles of beach towels to attract more customers to maximize the promotion of their company and brand concept, here we summarize three of the most popular cotton high-quality beach towels.

100%cotton velour printed full-color beach towel

The cotton velour print beach towel is a classic beach towel that is more traditional and popular on the market for a longer time. its velour surface can be printed to a great extent with the pattern or logo you want, and the effect is very beautiful and full of color, if the consumer is picking a beach towel it is easy to be attracted by the beautiful pattern. of course, if you are a company that sells beach towels, if you have your own design, you need to give good consideration to your design pattern, this is an important point to attract consumers, the velour surface looks like that velvet, touching very smooth, skin-friendly. the white terry on the back can absorb water very quickly, and can quickly wash the water on the body because it is 100% cotton, so it is very safe to use also does not easy to cause allergies, and looks very senior, if you want to do beach towels, pure cotton If you’re making a beach towel, the Cut Pile Printed Beach Towel is your indispensable choice.

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100%cotton dyed yarn jacquard woven beach towel

The cotton jacquard towel is a beach towel that many people will go for because it is long terry on both sides, and will be more absorbent, so generally, men prefer to choose the jacquard type because it is more cost-effective, but its disadvantage is that the pattern can not be too complicated if you want to design your own logo or pattern on the top, you can only choose a simple logo or design, and the color can not be too much, generally Although its limitations are greater than those of cotton velour printing, it does not prevent more and more people from choosing it, mainly it is more useful, whether it is a beach holiday, or a hotel bath, or even a spa and beauty treatments can be used if you buy beach towels, cotton velour printing and jacquard in the same number of premises, jacquard prices will be more favorable.

Jacquard bath towel

100%Cotton turkish fouta hammam kikoy beach towel

The cotton Turkish style beach towel is a popular style of beach towel in recent years, because it is light to carry, thin, highly absorbent, classic and unique style and famous in the market, in the premise that you buy the same number of beach towels, the Turkish style beach towel is more affordable, and it can be spread on the beach, but also as a bikini decoration, tied around the waist is very convenient, do not have to go alone to install, and not easy to stick to the sand, Turkish style beach towel can design their own stripes, and can print their own brand logo because it comes with tassels, so many girls prefer.

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