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When we want to give our brand publicity, or to develop a better category for more users, in addition to some ordinary household items can be done as choose, which is the most practical and the most cost-effective product? it’s preferred towels, there are too many kinds of towels in the market, and we need to choose good quality, the right price towels, but also need to think about how to get such procurement resources.

We need to confirm what kind of customer we are doing.

If your business is connected to the holiday hotel or beach fun, the first towels we need to consider are beach towels and bath towels, but how to find a good quality towel is very important for our business.

  • The material must be 100%cotton

It is undeniable that pure cotton is the favorite material for most people, although microfiber or other man-made material is cheaper or has another special function, like sand-free, cotton material is the best quality and the highest water-absorption, no matter whether we take a shower at a hotel or we had water on the body after we finish the swimming in the sea, the first thing think is to clean and dry the water on our body as quickly as we can, the cotton towel can do it, except the sand free issue, cotton beach or bath towel is perfect.

  • The way of customization

As we all know, there are different colors or customization ways towels in the market, like the beach towel, we can find printed designs, jacquard designs, or embroidery logo towels, If we had a hotel, we do not suggest using the fully printed designs, you can custom a small logo on the corner of the towel, you can use jacquard or embroider a logo, this looks high-grade. if we own a beach shop or club, fully printed designs of beach towels or bath towels would attract more customers to buy them, and this would make people very relaxed after they saw the colorful designs.

round beach towel
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