What’s the Ideal Size of A Beach Towel Size?

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In Summer, in order to enjoy the beach time, we should get the summer essentials, like beach hats, beach glasses, and beach towels. We have to know what the perfect ideal size is for a beach towel.

Depends on your beach towel pattern.

When we buy towels from the market, we need to know the beach towel pattern, there are a lot of different patterns, cotton terry beach towels, cotton velour beach towels, jacquard or printed beach towel, microfiber printed beach towels, etc.

For the cotton velour beach towel, regular size is 30×60″(76x152cm), 31×63″(80x160cm), 39×71″(100x180cm), etc.

For turkish beach towel, regular size is 90x170cm, 100x180cm, 100x200cm, etc.

For jacquard beach towel, regular size is 80x160cm, 90x180cm, 100x210cm, etc.

printed towel with bag
Image: Shaanxi Andybella

Depends on your budget.

If your budget is not high, we can choose the smaller-size beach towel.

For cotton velour beach towel, the smaller size is 60x120cm, 70x140cm, and 75x150cm.

Jacquard bath towel
Image: Shaanxi Andybella

For cotton turkish beach towel, the smaller size is 70x140cm or 80x150cm, etc.

Image: Shaanxi Andybella

For cotton jacquard beach towel, the smaller size is 70x140cm, 80x160cm, etc.

jacquard gym towel
Image: Shaanxi Andybella

When we want to buy a very low price beach towel, we not only need to consider the smaller size, but also we have to choose the cheaper material, like the microfiber polyester.


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