How often do you change your gym towels?

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  • Towels should be changed once every three months.
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  • The gym towel is a consumable in daily life, everyone will use it when they go to the gym for exercise.
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  • As with skincare products, there is also a used period, a gym towel should be replaced after three months of use.
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  • A towel that has been in use for a long time will have a large number of bacteria and microorganisms on it, which can be harmful to the skin when in contact with the face.
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  • And with a long time towel texture will also become very hard, which would affect the cleaning effect.
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  • The bacteria on a long time used towel can not be removed with hot water, the best way is to change once regularly.
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  • Many people like to use wet towels to wipe their cheeks, but this practice is wrong, wet towels will have a lot of bacteria attached to them. After the towel is wet with water, you can’t make use of it again for the second time, you should put it in the sunlight and ventilation to avoid breeding too many bacteria.
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  • After each wash with the towel, should use water to wash the towel clean, never put the wet towel in a dark and unventilated bathroom, this is the same as giving a good place for bacteria to breed.
Rally Towel
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  • In addition, the towels you use should be thoroughly sterilized once a week.
  • The gym towel is not able to mix with other clothes in the wash, in the wash towel, should choose a mild texture of the wash product.
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  • The towel will become a little hard after some time, so you can put it in a stainless steel pot and boil it in high-temperature water for ten minutes.
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