How to buy customized beach towels from china?

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If you want to start a beach towel business, then you have to know how to go about finding the right supplier. To find a good towel manufacturer, you have to choose China, whether you look on the Alibaba platform or through Google, it’s easy to find a towel supplier, but how to select the most trustworthy and cooperative supplier is a question worthy of our consideration.

  • Select channel

As we all know, Alibaba is China’s largest supplier resource platform, but too many suppliers to choose from when it is easy to dazzle, in addition to the Alibaba platform marked on deliberately letting the customer pick the supplier, we also need to actually go to compare, even if the supplier for a long time, but their communication is not smooth, service attitude is not good, the price is no advantage, this is not what we want to choose, we need the supplier first service attitude to be good, can provide samples to us to confirm the quality, and can respond to any of our questions in a timely manner, the offer is moderate, the delivery time is appropriate, these are the most important.

Or Google for Chinese suppliers, although Vietnam and India can also make some simple beach towels, their delivery times are not guaranteed and the whole supply chain is not comparable to China, so it is safest and wisest to go directly to Chinese suppliers to make your custom towels.

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Image: Shaanxi Andybella

  • Sample testing

Many people forget to ask the supplier to confirm the quality of the sample when customizing the beach towel, if you are lucky to come across a better supplier, then the finished goods made are to your satisfaction, if they are a substandard supplier, the finished goods are not at all what you want, which will be a disaster, so before placing a bulk order you must remember to ask the factory for a sample to confirm the quality, material, size, etc., no problem before further discussing the order

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Image: Shaanxi Andybella

  • Shipment support

If you don’t have a transport company to work with, when your goods are ready you need to find a trustworthy transport company to help you deliver the goods safely to your address, but if a supplier can help you to do this work, then you are more relaxed, generally suppliers will have long-term cooperation with transport companies, whether the price or service is more trustworthy.

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Image: Shaanxi Andybella


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