What is the best beach towel for your vacation?

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Nowadays, there are more and more beach towels on the market, so choosing the most cost-effective beach towel is a serious issue, as good absorbency and lightness are important to beach towel buyers.

1:Highly Water Absorption

We surveyed many beach towel users and found that cotton beach towels are still the most absorbent and skin-friendly.

There are 4 styles of cotton beach towels that we can choose from on the market.
The first is a cotton velour-printed beach towel
The second is a cotton solid color dyed beach towel
The third is a cotton color woven jacquard beach towel
The fourth is a cotton Turkish plain beach towel

2: Portable

If a beach towel is too big and heavy, it will inevitably affect our travel, and we have summarised the 3 lightest beach towels on the market.
The first one is the cotton Turkish plain fabric beach towel
The second is a microfiber all-polyester printed beach towel
The third is a microfiber suede-printed beach towel

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3: Cost Performance.

Compared to all the current beach towel styles, the cotton Turkish plain fabric is the best value for money, it’s easy to carry when you travel, it takes up very little space when folded or rolled, and it’s not heavy, it’s light and won’t interfere with your travels, and it looks great tied around your waist with a bikini as a skirt or as a sun protection shawl.

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