What is the best sand-free beach towel?

custom beach towels

If you don’t want to be bothered by the sand after every beach holiday and want to have a perfect beach trip, then you need to read this article.

1: How to choose a good sand-proof beach towel?

When you look carefully, you can find some easy-to-stick sand towels a long terry fiber, such as cotton or bamboo fiber material, their terry is too long, and is very easy to run into this fiber loop hidden, and when you go home you also take the sand with the towel home, so we need to choose the kind of ultra-fine fiber towel cloth, such as Microfiber Suede, Microfiber Waffle, Turkish Fouta, they are relatively short and fine towel fiber cloth, laid on the beach, it is difficult to let the sand run into it, you just need to shake gently, they will go away.

this is a microfiber waffle beach towel picture
Image: Andybella

2: How to choose the best size

When you choose a beach towel size is an important issue, the general beach towel size is at least 30X60″, if you want a larger size, there are 32X63″ and 40X70″, the price for different sizes of beach towels may also be different, the larger the size, the more expensive

Image: Andybella

3: Choosing a style

Basically, when the girls are on holiday, they all have a beach towel, apart from the beach comparable to their respective bikinis, the rest is the beach towel in everyone’s hand, you will see colorful beach towels on the beach, how to choose a unique beach towel, you need to think about it, the following is our summary of a few special and perfect beach towel style, if you want to do some beach towel small business, can also be used as a reference.

a:100%cotton Turkish Fouta jacquard beach towels

b: Microfiber waffle double side printed beach towels: Aloha Morden

c: Microfiber suede double side printed beach towels: Aloha Morden

4: Choosing the right beach towel for your small business

The current covid-19 epidemic will soon pass, and the future will usher in a very strong tourism impact, we need to foresee this scene, and lay out a lot of business, if it is a tourist season, then people will certainly buy beach supplies, the first is the beach towel, and girls are the main consumer of beach towels, so we need to consider the product also need to choose some more can cater to girls and meet their needs of beach towel products, contact us, we will give you valuable advice and can support small quantities of custom beach towels, delivery to the door so that your business is easy to do!


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