What is the suede towel?

gym towel
  • Material Constructions:

80%polyester and 20% nylon, It is a double-sided pile of terry cloth that looks different from traditional terry cloth. Regular width: 150-260cm, grammage between 160-300 GSM.

Polyester-nylon composite yarn is a new type of high-tech composite fiber. Both polyester and nylon fibers are diverted by a special distribution plate and extruded through the same spouting hole to form a fluffy, soft fabric with a capillary effect between the fibers, which increases the density of the fibers and the surface area of the object being wiped.

microfiber suede towels
  • Features:

1: Good decontamination performance – only 0.4um in diameter, only 1/10 of silk, its special cross-section can more effectively capture dust particles as small as a few microns, decontamination, oil removal effect is very obvious.

2: The super absorbent performance – microfiber adopts the orange petal technology to divide the filament into eight petals so that the surface area of the fiber increases, the pore space in the fabric increases, with the capillary core suction effect to enhance the water absorption effect, rapid water absorption and rapid drying become its remarkable characteristics, water absorption up to seven times the cotton towel.

3: The texture and feel of soft-yarn diameter are very small, only 0.4um.

4: Wiping, no hair loss – high strength of the combined filament, not easy to break, while the use of fine weaving method, not draw, not of the loop, the fiber is also not easy to fall off from the surface of the towel.

5: Quick dry easy to clean – ordinary towel use, especially natural fiber towels, will be wiped by the surface of the dust, grease, dirt, etc. directly absorbed into the fiber inside, after the use of residue in the fiber, not easy to remove, with a longer period of time will even become hard and lose elasticity, affecting the use. The microfiber towel is the dirt adsorption between the fibers (rather than fiber internal), coupled with the high fiber, and high density, so strong adsorption capacity, after the use of water or slightly added detergent cleaning can.

6: No bacteria, no mold, long life, no stink, that is, humid areas or drying conditions are not good for families do not have to worry about towels not drying and producing a nasty stench. Because of the strength of the microfiber, and toughness, its service life is more than four times the life of ordinary towels, many times after washing is still unchanged, at the same time, polymer fibers will not be like cotton fibers, such as protein hydrolysis, even after the use of non-drying, will not mold, rot, with a long life.

suede towels

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