How to care for your towels?

  • Care according to label instructions. 

Avoid overheating the water when washing. Wash dark-colored towels and light-colored towels separately. Do not wash towels with garments containing zips, hooks, or fasteners as this may damage the towel loops. Do not wash towels and garments together. Terry fabrics can wrap light and fine fabrics in garments, and the fine lint that comes off the towels can stick to the garments and affect their appearance.

  • Choose a mild detergent.

Avoid pouring detergent directly onto the towel, otherwise, the detergent residue left behind will discolor the towel. Use chlorine bleach as little as possible.

  • Do not use softeners frequently.

Fabric softeners containing silicone will leave a layer of silicone oil after use and affect the absorbency of the towel, so it is recommended to avoid using them.

  • Wash the towel on the drying rod and fully unfold it.

Vertical drying, preferably after drying, and then exposing it to the sun for ten minutes, so that the dry towel is soft and sterilized. You can also tumble dry in the dryer so that the cotton towels are more fluffy and soft, but the time should not be too long.

  • Towels are divided into dry and wet with two.

Whether dry cleaning or wet cleaning will be the skin grease, sweat, inorganic salts and dust in the air wipe the towel, for a long time to make the towel hard, reduce its moisture absorption function, and contaminated it with bacteria and mold. Therefore, towels should be scrubbed clean with soap or detergent immediately after wiping, then washed with warm water to remove the soap and dried for reuse. With timely care and easy washing, towels will remain fluffy, soft, and clean for a long time.


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