How to identify a soft towel?

The basic concept of a towel

The world’s first towel was born in 1850 in England, more than 150 years ago.


From the simplest monochrome flat towels to the current satin jacquard, printed, untwisted towels, and cut pile towels.

It is a textile product that has developed in the shortest time and the fastest. Below, we will briefly introduce the concept of towel products, uses, as well as the correct use, the purchase of towels, and other aspects of some little knowledge, so that we can not live without in our daily lives “good friend”, and a more in-depth understanding.

A towel is a fabric with a terry structure made from three systems of yarns interwoven with each other. These three systems of threads are the wool warp, the ground warp, and the weft yarns. With the development of science and technology, there is also a warp-knitted towel fabric, which has a solid terry, but in a relatively single form. The vast majority of towels on the market are woven.

Classification and use of towels

Depending on the place of use, they are generally divided into two types: for domestic use and for hotels.

Household towel products are the closest to us, with more colors, styles, and personalization is more robust; hotel towel products are mainly facing towels, square towels, bath towels, bathrobes, mats, and several other varieties, generally plain or white, thick, and practical, because the need for frequent high-temperature sterilization, washing, the product quality requirements are higher, the raw materials used are generally first-class combed fine cotton or long-staple cotton.

this is a woven sports towel
100%cotton woven sports towel

How to buy towel products with high-quality inspection?

Buy towels from regular shops: regular shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty shops generally have strict inspection and audit procedures for incoming sources, and regular manufacturers basically produce the products.

Choose a more credible brand.

This brand has a better reputation and sense of social responsibility and has passed various certification systems that can guarantee the inherent quality of the products.

Buy clearly marked towels

The formal towel products have clear markings on their products, indicating the manufacturer, origin, telephone number, trademark, implementation standards, washing methods, etc.

Look at the appearance

Good towel soft bright colors, natural luster, clear patterns; fine terry and fewer hair feathers, regular; fine and meticulous workmanship, short threads, no blemishes, sewing meticulously.

Touch feeling

Soft to the touch, fluffy and dense terry, elastic body and bones, good water absorption.


Qualified towels smell fresh and natural, there is no odor.

In the process of buying towel products, to correctly understand the product feel and color fastness

The real feel-good is a kind of softness of the cotton wool itself, it feels good to the touch, fluffy, elastic, and different from slippery, slippery is caused by adding too much softener. A small amount of softener can be helpful, but too much softener is absorbent and detrimental to our health. Softeners can clog the microscopic pores of our skin and affect our metabolism, and poor-quality softeners also contain harmful substances, which are a health hazard.

dyed yarn jacquard towels
100%cotton dyed yarn jacquard woven bath towel

Cotton towels are generally dyed with reactive dyes, where the dye molecules are covalently bonded to the cellulose molecules, causing the dyes to fix on the dyestuff molecules are covalently related to the cellulose molecules so that the dye is fixed on fibers. During the reaction process, some of the dye is bonded to the fibers, while some of the dye is hydrolyzed and adsorbed on the surface of the fibers, but no covalent bonding takes place, so it is easy to fall off. When dyeing dark towels, there is a large amount of hydrolyzed dye adsorbed on the fibers, which is difficult to wash off, so there will be discoloration in the first wash, which cannot be avoided. If the light-colored towels lose more color in the first wash or if the dark-colored towels still lose color after several washes, the dye is not qualified or the dyeing process is inaccurate, and they are unqualified products.


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