How to choose the best towel for your fitness program?

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7 Tips to Consider When you choose the Best Gym Towel

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Gym towel

1. Material

Most sports towels are made of cotton because they are durable, absorbent, and widely available.

For fitness enthusiasts who sweat a lot during workouts, cotton towels are the ideal gym must-have. They have the excellent sweat-wicking ability and a fast drying feature, which helps prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

While cotton towels are ideal for exercising, you can have other options as well. Examples include polyester-cotton blends, flax, microfibers, and bamboo.

In addition to cotton, microfiber is also ideal for fitness towels because it absorbs well and dries quickly.

2. Size and Weight

The weight and size of the towel are also something you must consider when choosing.

The thickness of the towel is usually measured by the density of the fabric, which is gram weight in square meters. The smaller the square meter weight, the thinner the towel, the lighter the weight, and the greater the vice versa.

Thin towels are cheaper because they wear out faster. If you’re looking for a reliable workout towel for your gym facility, consider a heavier one.

Thicker towels are a good choice because they can withstand multiple uses and washes. But remember, they can catch more wet, if not washed and dried properly, it is easy for bacteria to grow.

Ideally, sports towels should be washed after each use. Since multiple washes can affect the quality of towels, many people prefer to buy towels in bulk for easier replacement.

The size of the towel is also an important consideration. Some gym owners prefer small exercise towels that are easy to pack and store.

However, consider what your fitness fanatic wants, as some people prefer gym sweats to hand towels. Often, people decide on towel size based on how long they exercise.

Fitness enthusiasts who work out for long periods often prefer slightly larger towels. Meanwhile, for those who spend less than 30 minutes at the gym, a standard hand towel usually works just fine.

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3. Quality

Many people prefer soft exercise towels because they can use them more effectively to remove sweat from their skin. Simply put, you need to make sure your sports towel is soft enough, especially on sensitive areas like your face and body skin.

Consider investing in quality cotton towels if you want them to be soft and durable. Remember, though, that proper towel care is essential to keeping towels soft and of high quality.

Wash and Care for your towels so they can be used for a longer time. Avoid harsh detergents to keep towels soft.

4. Absorbency Power

There’s no point in buying an exercise towel if it doesn’t absorb the excess sweat from a high-intensity workout. While your workout towel should be absorbent, it doesn’t require long fibers, which makes the towel more absorbent.

Consider a sports towel that falls somewhere in between. Choose one that is absorbent enough, but not too thick and heavy for bacteria to grow.

Be careful with the detergents and fabric softeners you use, however, as some can affect the absorbability of the towel. To maintain the quality of your towels, it’s best to stick with mild towels.

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quick dry cooling sports gym towel

5. Durability and Care

Wash sports towels after each use to prevent bacterial growth. Because of this situation, you need to consider a towel that is durable enough to withstand multiple washes.

Also, you should consider maintaining your sports towel. Do not use harsh detergents and high-temperature softeners, although you should use detergent.

You can consider a commercial laundry service to help ensure the quality of your laundry. If you choose to wash your own sports towels, reading towel care tips can help.

6. Drying Time

Basically, thinner sports towels dry faster. Be aware, though, that thin towels wear out faster than thick ones. If you are buying towels for the gym and need to wash and dry them quickly, it is best to buy quick-drying towels.

Regardless of size, material, or fabric of choice, remember that you must completely dry your sports towel. Damp towels can harbor bacteria and mold, create unpleasant odors, and even cause hygiene and health problems.

But beware of over-drying, as this can create a lot of fluff. This is problematic if you provide towels for the entire gym because no one wants to use a towel full of fluff.

To prevent excess fluff, consider separating old towels from new ones when washing. Keep them separate for drying as well, as new towels are more likely to fall off and develop fluff during the drying process.

Air dry your sports towel whenever possible, or use a lower dryer setting to prevent fluff or unnecessary wear and tear.

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7. Towel Storage

When building a gym, you have to allocate a place to store towels. Keep in mind that an open-air area is not the ideal place to store sports towels.

They should be kept in a cabinet or a specific storage space, away from moisture. Damp places can grow bacteria, so you must store your towels in a dry, cool place.

Also, don’t let a lot of people use your sports towel when they’re not. This will help maintain hygiene, cleanliness, and quality of the towel.

Choosing the best workout towel for your workout facility may not be an easy task. With some guidance and tips, though, you’re more likely to make the right purchase decision.

As a rule of thumb, choose sports towels that should be soft, durable, and absorbent. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can use this guide to choose the best exercise towel for your fitness facility.

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