Do you know Turkish Towels?

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Turkish towels are absorbent, stylish, quick-drying and light – three threats to the beach. These Turkish cotton towels are very absorbent because the cotton thread is so long and thin thus it dries quickly.

A Turkish towel is a flat woven towel and it was originally used in Turkish baths. They are also known as hammams, Pestemals, or Fouta towels. With so many options and pricing points, it can be difficult to find the ideal towel.

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This blog will provide you with the most critical information you have to know before buying them from Turkish towel manufacturers.

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Did you know that your towel is four inches shorter after you wash it for the first time? The stress placed on the thread during manufacturing can cause shrinkage. When they are cleaned, the tension is relieved and they shrink back to their original size. To get the most out of your towel, use a pre-washed towel.


The weight of a towel is an important index to measure its quality. The better the quality, the higher the weight. Turkish towels weighing less than 11 ounces are not recommended. For ultimate softness and water absorption, choose 11 oz or larger.


The softest and most durable cotton is 100% ring-spun cotton. The colors may not be shiny, but don’t be fooled: polyester and mercerized cotton yarns may be shiny, but they are not as soft or absorbent as unmercerized cotton yarns.

Why many people do love Turkish Towels?

hammam, a large absorbent, attractive piece of cotton cloth, can be anything from a nursing sling to a bath towel! Because one item can accomplish so many functions, it is possible to buy fewer fabric goods, reduce excess/waste, and live a lighter, brighter lifestyle.

How to Care for Your Turkish Towel Simply:

Air Dry If possible – Roller drying is bad for the environment and the towel fibers. Don’t worry about musty smells in the bathroom because they dry quickly. We like to sprinkle some herbs on our pillowcases as we dry them – it’s what we do in Greece, which is to dry them on lavender to give them a scent. If you have lavender bushes and it’s warm outside, go for it! Rosemary is also a good choice.

Some custom towel makers recommend adding a tablespoon of white vinegar every few washes to remove any clogs and restore the softness and absorbency of the fabric.

Wash at 30°C to 40°C and avoid fabric softeners where possible, as they may clog the fibers and reduce absorptive capacity. Oh, and don’t forget to clean the bathroom before the first-time use, as this will activate the cotton’s original absorptive capacity.

While a towel can readily take on a variety of duties (it’s one of our favorite things!) But buying two or three towels, one for your body, one for your room, and one for carrying items, will help each excellent product last longer. Rest assured, though: Turkish towels last a long time and have the softest fabric if washed regularly – they age magically!

Turkish towels could be used for many purposes including:

Bag/Item Packaging – Harman can be knotted in a variety of ways to wrap and carry anything, and can even be turned into a sling-style bag, all of which helps in your quest for zero waste!

Wall-hanging – Looking for a Boho/beach vibe?

Tablecloth – especially good if you’re eating on a picnic bench or having a garden party outside.

Chair covers – Hanging a bunch of bathroom towels over the back of your chair is a great way to store them, especially if they all come in a variety of colors.

A seat cushion – very useful if you’re going home in the rain and don’t want to sit in a wet seat for the whole trip!

If you wish to expand your inventory, you can contact Turkish towel manufacturers in China and order in bulk.


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