How to look for a great beach towel?

custom beach towels

We need to reacquaint all beach towels are made equal, A perfect beach towel has a set of attributes you should find out, it’s like an excellent barista has great technique and a super ability to feel when it’s time to get a double shot. They have been coming, just catching up with the summer.

custom beach towels
China Custom Towels Manufacturer-Shaanxi Andybella

An over-size enough size

One thing that you don’t want to be doing at the beach this summer includes making your body fit on a small beach towel. A small towel is also not ideal to dry oneself, wrap around your waist, and spread apart on the vehicle seat for riding home. any simple solution? Make a large purchase for custom designs from beach towel manufacturers in China. Your beach towel may also be used as a picnic blanket for poolside BBQs or at the beach, or your boyfriend or girlfriend they’ve forgotten their beach towel at home.

Great Fabrication in 100%Cotton.

100%Cotton is the best material for all towels because of its great water absorption and is pretty soft to the touch. Water Absorbency is a big critical attribute in any towel, but it’s much more important in a beach towel for a few reasons. To begin with, unlike the shower bath towel, which you most likely use every 12 hours, it’s typical to use your beach towel to dry yourself numerous times in a short amount of time. To maintain the ability to absorb moisture from your hair, skin, and swimsuit after each swim, your beach towel needs to absorb more water and dry faster. Second, you usually lie on a beach towel before and after a swim, and the sand sticks to the wet cloth. You’ll be more effective at shaking the sand off your towel if it dries quickly before you put it in your car or beach bag.

Terry Towel With Short Loops

Most traditional towels are made of terry cloth woven into small loops to improve water absorption. Shorter towel loops have the advantage of being less likely to get snagged on sharp edges such as rattan sofas, sun loungers, or cobblestones, thus making the towel last longer and not get stuck.

Sand Free

Quick-drying towels are only half the story of keeping sand out of your house this summer, as we mentioned when we talked about absorbency. If you buy the correct towel, whether it’s dry or wet, you can limit the amount of sand that sticks to the towel in the first place. In case you’re wondering, the right towel has two separate sides: the terry cloth side absorbs moisture and fits soft against your skin, while the velour side is precisely cut to resist sand. Sand won’t get trapped in the towel because it doesn’t have any long loop fibers to stick to, so all you have to do is spread the towel out, the velour side down, and give it a gentle shake after you finish your day at the beach. Consider how much cleaning money and how long time you can save with this little thing.

If you want to make custom beach towels with your own brand, connect with the best towel manufacturer in china and start your bulk order now.


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