What’s the GSM of the towel?

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When you buy or import towels from a supplier in China, they usually ask you how many GSM you want to do. and if you don’t understand this meaning, you can not get exact information for the towels, actually, the GSM stands for thickness, G means ” Gram”, S means ” Square”, and M” means ” Meter”.

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For example, when you want to make a custom beach towel, you will say: I want my towel to be 70x140cm, 400gsm, factory would know your weight immediately, 0.7×1.4×400=392, which means the unit towel weight is 392g, this 400gsm is like the towel density, the higher density, the thicker.

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Meanwhile, when the factory quotes for you, they will list their MOQ for a custom towel, what’s this meaning, M means ” Minimum”, O means ” Order” and Q means ” Quantity”, so next time, you buy towels from the factory, you can use these words to talk with them smoothly.

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