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China Manufacturer Personalized Printed Beach Towels

Mutipurpose High Quality Beach Towel

Tailor-Made Luxury Beach Towels: Uncompromised Quality at Competitive Prices

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Personalized Printing Beach Towel Gallery

With our unmatched production capabilities, we deliver impeccable quality and precision.

cotton printed beach towel

China Towel Manfacturer 100%Cotton Custom Printed Velour Beach Towel

MOQ : 100pcs

microfiber digital printing beach towel

China Towel Manufacturer Microfiber Polyester custom Printed Beach Towel

MOQ: 100pcs

waffle beach towel with your logo

China Towel Manufacturer Custom Printed Microfiber Waffle Beach Towel

MOQ: 100pcs

Recycled suede beach towel

China Towel Manufacturer Microfiber suede Custom Printed Beach Towel

MOQ: 100pcs

Customized Printing Beach Towel Production Routine

 Elevate your brand with personalized jacquard woven towels that captivate and impress.

towel factory weaving

Towel Fabric Weaving

After receive the bulk order, Towel factory need to weave the yarn to be the bulk towel fabric

Cuting the terry to be velour

Towel factory will cut the terry loop to be velour on one towel side

Put the towel fabric on mold

Towel factory will put the bulk towel fabric on the mold to start the printing

towel printing

Start the mold printing

The mold machine start to print the bulk towel fabric one by one on the mold line


Washing Towels

Towel factory will wash the printed beach towels to guarantee the colors are stable

towel drying

Drying Towels

Towel factory dry the bulk printed beach towel so that they can be easy to be packed

bulk packing for towels

Cuting, Sewing, Packing

Towel factory will cut the each towel to be pieces then sewing the edge and finally packing them


Ready for shipment

Towel factory will pack each towel into the individual polybag then put them into cartons

Shipment Selections

DDP by Sea
by sea shipping
DDP by Air
DDP by train
by train shipping

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"I recently purchased towels from Andybella, and I'm impressed with the quality, softness, and vibrant colors. Thank you, Andybella!"
Diana Burnwood
"Andybella's towels are perfect for my hotel. They're durable, soft, and guests love them. Thanks for the competitive pricing."
Jessica Lee
"I'm in love with the towels I bought from Andybella! They're incredibly soft, fluffy, and dry quickly. Highly recommend! I will order from them again!"
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