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With years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to make a quality product that will last. From throwing blankets to beach towels , our selection is vast and varied. No matter what you need, we have the perfect solution for you. Browse our website or contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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How to choose the best Turkish towel manufacturer in China?

How to find the best turkish beach towels in china? 11 tips you need to check as follow:
1: Strong production line
2: The product test
3: Logo way
4: Delivery time
5: Package
6: Shipment Support
7: Thoughtful after-sales
8: The good sales manager
9: A fair payment way
10: Sample policy
11: Inspection before shipment
Conclusion: If a manufacturer meets the above all options, that would be a very professional and faithful towel manufacturer, we even can establish the long time business relationship, moreover, we can get more and more big support on many different towels purchasing once we cooperated with them for many times,

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Bella Yuan

Best Quality Turkish Fouta Beach Towel Manufacturer

1. Material When you are choosing a beach towel, a cotton Turkish-style beach towel is your must-have choice because of its thinness, high absorbency, and ease to carry these characteristics, people more and more like it, but this beach towel material will also be divided into many kinds, among them there are pure cotton, polyester cotton, organic cotton, and recycled cotton, so which one is the best choice? We have investigated many times and found that customers prefer cotton. firstly because cotton material is more universal. secondly, the price of cotton is more reasonable and real. thirdly the absorbency of cotton is very good. Other materials because

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Who makes the best quality beach towels?

Throughout the world, the country that can provide consumers with perfect product customization services, China is definitely the first and the only one, whether the integration of resources, price, and delivery time are very excellent and competitive, if you want to make a batch of perfect quality cotton beach towels, you must find suppliers in China, not only the response time is very fast, and the delivery time is more stable. From placing orders to quality control to shipping, every step they can control well, you don’t need to worry too much about your order. People who have been sourcing towels in China for years know that

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What is the best sand-free beach towel?

If you don’t want to be bothered by the sand after every beach holiday and want to have a perfect beach trip, then you need to read this article. 1: How to choose a good sand-proof beach towel? When you look carefully, you can find some easy-to-stick sand towels a long terry fiber, such as cotton or bamboo fiber material, their terry is too long, and is very easy to run into this fiber loop hidden, and when you go home you also take the sand with the towel home, so we need to choose the kind of ultra-fine fiber towel cloth, such as Microfiber Suede, Microfiber

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this is a suede beach towel pciture
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What is the suede towel?

80%polyester and 20% nylon, It is a double-sided pile of terry cloth that looks different from traditional terry cloth. Regular width: 150-260cm, grammage between 160-300 GSM. Polyester-nylon composite yarn is a new type of high-tech composite fiber. Both polyester and nylon fibers are diverted by a special distribution plate and extruded through the same spouting hole to form a fluffy, soft fabric with a capillary effect between the fibers, which increases the density of the fibers and the surface area of the object being wiped. 1: Good decontamination performance – only 0.4um in diameter, only 1/10 of silk, its special cross-section can more effectively capture dust particles

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