How to custom a beach towel with cheap and high quality?

custom beach towels

Are you thinking about buying some high-quality and very cheap beach towels when you want to prompt your business or brand? here are some tips to help you make clear how to choose a good towel manufacturer and guarantee your towel is perfect in your hand.

We need to measure it from the material, size, weight, and logo.

custom printed towels

1: Material

We all know that 100%cotton or organic cotton is the best choice for beach towels, but in actuality, due to the MOQ and Price, Cotton is rifely the most expensive one, cotton material comes from the plant fiber, this cost is initially higher than other materials. posteriorly, it’s microfiber material, this is very cheap, their composition is made of polyester and polyamide, but for the beach towel, the 100%polyester is very popular. and different composition proportion rates have different effects, about the suede beach towel, it’s 85%polyester and 15%polyamid, and the weaving method or making technology is different, the towel style would also be various, for example, waffle, suede, and terry.

2: Size

As for the beach towel size, we split it into two types, one is for adults, and another one is for kids, for the adult beach towel, the smallest size is 30×60″, and the largest is 40×72″, if we make custom beach towels, the manufacturer would make the size according to your requirements, you can give a detailed size for them, towel factory can do it.

3: Weight

There is a concept for the weight: GSM(Grams per square meter), Usually, the higher the weight, the heavier the towels, the plusher and more absorbent they will be. the lowest weight for cotton material beach towel is 300gsm, the highest is 600gsm, factory doesn’t recommend making too high gsm because it would be a little hard-hand feeling when you use it. in general, the factory would suggest using 350gsm or 400gsm, cheap and good quality. this is for cotton beach towel weight. for the microfiber beach towels, the lowest weight is 200gsm, and the highest is 400gsm, the microfiber fiber is an artificial fiber, that’s not high in weight like cotton.

4: Logo

For cotton material, the manufacturer can make printed logos, jacquard logos, and embroidery logos, for printed logos, there is no limit, for multicolor designs, the factory will use digital printing, for simple logos or designs, they will use reactive printing, generally, reactive printing colors can not be more than 8 colors, because of their mold limiting.

All in all, when you search for a towel manufacturer, you need to google firstly which type of beach towel you need, confirm the keywords, then search the supplier resources on some famous platforms like Alibaba, Global sourcing, and Made in china to look for the best one you want to move, you will get many information from there, after you confirm the final one, you can google this company and check all information about this manufacturer, you will find their history, ability, and maybe some comments from other customers, this is good and safe for you to start up a towel purchase for your brand.


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