The difference between the gym, golf towels, and rally towel

gym towel

1. What is a gym towel?

When engaging in physical exercise, it is important to bring a sweat towel, which is sometimes referred to as a workout or gym towel. It is customary to use one in the gym as it helps to prevent sweat from getting on the equipment. Moreover, a sweat towel can help you stay comfortable and dry while exercising.

The gym towel size is regularly 34x80cm or 40x110cm, This size allows gym goers to hang their towels around their necks or tie them around their wrists for easy gym workouts, the towel weight (thickness)generally is 300gsm to 450gsm, 300gsm is the lowest weight(thickness) for cotton towel, but if you choose the microfiber materials, the weight(thickness) is 200gsm or 250gsm. as for the absorbent, cotton material is the best, then microfiber. cotton material price is higher than microfiber.

gym towel

2. What’s a Golf Towel?

When playing golf, it’s important to have a reliable towel with a grommet and clip that can easily be attached to your golf bag. Golf towels are a must-have sporting item that can be used to dry off your club, ball, hands, and face while out on the course.

The Golf towel standard sizes are 40x60cm, 40x80cm, and 50x90cm, material includes cotton, microfiber waffle, and polyester, standard gram per square meter is 300gsm, 350gsm, 250gsm.

If you want to personalize your own logo on a towel, the minimum order quantity is generally 100pcs for cotton, printed logos. if you make a jacquard woven logo on a towel, the minimum order quantity is 500pcs per design.

golf towel

3. What is a Rally Towel?

Rally towels are a popular item in American sports events and serve as a symbol for fans. They are a type of sports paraphernalia, resembling a towel. The Terrible Towel, created by former Pittsburgh Steelers radio broadcaster Myron Cope in 1975, is considered the prototype for modern rally towels.

The Rally Towel standard sizes are 28x46cm, 38x46cm, and 30x50cm. the regular material is 100%cotton, sometimes, due to budget limitations, the towels selling company will choose microfiber or other cheap fabrics, it’s also available to print your own logo on it.

rally towel


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