How to differentiate between yarn-dyed jacquard towels and printed towels?

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As well as plain woven towels, dobby towels, and embossed towels (a simple jacquard towel with an embossed pattern and always in a solid color), there are yarn-dyed jacquard towels and printed towels.

Jacquard towel

They all have intricate patterns on the towels, but one is woven in and the other is printed on. Jacquard towels do not have as intricate a pattern as prints, prints can put almost any image on the towel and can even do gradient images, but jacquard towels cannot.

Regarding the cost of towels, jacquard towels with two colors are similar to printed towels, but the cost of jacquard towels increases when more colors are used, whereas the cost of printed towels (digital printing) is not related to the number of colors. if you choose reactive printing, the plate-making fee would be increased when colors are increased.

The wrong side of a jacquard towel is definitely the opposite of the right side. For example, if a towel has two colors, if the right side has a red pattern and a black ground, then the wrong side will have a black pattern and a red ground.

Whereas a printed towel has a nice print on the right side, the other side is usually a white terry loop. Incidentally, the right side of a printed towel is usually a lint loop cut into velvet and then printed on top. Now, we can print on both sides, but only one side can be velour because if we cut the lint loops off both sides, the lint pile/residue will come off easily.

Printed towels


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